Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)


1. What is Caribbean International Co-Operative (CICO) ?

Caribbean International Co-Operative (CICO) is a Member to Member (M2M) direct Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash contributions project that is proudly member-owned and operated.

2. Is this a passive investment program or company?

No. The co-operative administration does not accept, hold nor manage member's funds. The only funds that members pay to the co-operative are just the $10 membership payments every 30 days to offset the overhead costs of operating the Co-Op!

3. Is the co-operative an MLM, Multi-Level Marketing company?

NO. It's a member to member direct BTC and BCH contributions genealogy algorithm!

4. Who owns CICO?

The co-operative is not owned by any one individual. It is jointly owned by International members that join CICO!

5. In what currencies can the co-op membership be paid, the reserve fund contributions, and M2M contributions?

Bitcoin and now Bitcoin Cash are the primary Cryptocurrencies, however, we're contemplating adding additional methods in the future! As for the M2M contributions, the members can select Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)!

6. What is the difference between Phases and Levels?

Levels mean how deep a genealogy is which is two levels for each Phase. Phases mean additional higher-levels or Tiers!

7. How many Phases or Tiers and how many levels are there in CICO?

There is a special feeder plus 6 Phases/Tiers, the feeder, and the main Phases/Tiers have 2 levels. 3 positions on Level 1 and 9 positions on Level 2!

8. Is recruiting mandatory to be qualified to participate in the M2M part of the CICO project?

No. As a matter of fact, the registration of the general public is closed as the CICO co-op has gone private and is now a prestigious exclusive membership co-operative!

9. Do I have to fill my own matrices?

No. This is a community forced-filled matrix, your matrices complete or cycle with co-operative members positions and or with "Duds" or dummy positions!

10. Are there any provisions in place ensuring fairness in the event that the feeder genealogy may be reset?

Yes. CICO has a unique progressive reserve escrow fund in place!

11. Do I have to contribute to the unique reserve fund before I can participate in the member to member (M2M) project?

Yes. All members are required to make an initial (Pay It Forward) contribution which assures a refund on incomplete, non cycled feeder level 1 positions! NOTE: The "Refunds" mentioned ONLY apply to the feeder level1 matrix positions.
There are NO guarantees made that the refunds will be in the full amount due to fluctuations in crypto currency value!

12. Can I just upgrade and keep receiving contributions after I complete/cycle without giving back to the community?

No. A reserve fund contribution is required prior to obtaining a feeder level 1 matrix and also prior to and upgrade to any level 1 of the 6 main Phases and also to acquire additional feeder level 1 position!

13. What happens with the reserve funds when the feeder level 1 genealogy gets reset?

100% of the accumulated reserve funds will be systematically distributed equally between all members who have made an M2M contribution but have not have received any M2M contributions upon resetting the feeder genealogy!

Please NOTE: The refunds are "Per incompleted/none cycled Positions" Meaning that you'll get a refund on all incomplete feeder level 1 position you may have by the time the feeder level 1 genealogy gets reset!

14. Is there a time limit set where members need to upgrade?

No. The little red bell icon at the top of the dashboard page will flash/blink upon completing/cycling a matrix position. You can click on the little bell and select an upgrade of choice at any time you wish to do so!

15. What happens when the co-op membership expires?

The account gets instantly and systematically "Deactivated" at the date and time of the co-op monthly membership expiry which disqualifies a member from receiving any M2M contributions from any matrix positions. It also disqualifies a member from receiving refunds on any uncycled feeder level 1 matrix positions when the feeder level 1 genealogy gets reset! NOTE: The "RESET" ONLY applies to the feeder level 1 matrix!


16. What happens to "Deactivated" accounts?

Deactivated accounts become instantly and systematically "Active" upon confirmation of the co-op monthly membership payment; "Qualifying" the member to receive M2M contributions again as well as receiving refunds on any uncycled feeder level 1 (ONLY) matrix positions. 

17: What happens to an account when the co-op membership is not renewed/paid? 

An account is deemed "Dormant" 15 days after the co-op membership expiry date and simply becomes inaccessible where the member then has to contact support requesting the account to be reinstated!

18: Where can I find the M2M pay plan?

The M2M pay plan and be found in the member's back-office by clicking the Genealogy tab on the left hand side menu.